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Veganism Combats World Hunger A third of the world’s edible crop goes to livestock.

Going vegan to help combat world hunger seems a bit unclear at first - how could eliminating animal products from your life help feed people on the other side of the world?

Your choices in the food you consume affect people throughout the world, especially when you choose to consume animal products.
The close connection between veganism and world hunger is one of the main reasons I am vegan; it’s also a topic that I don’t think is getting enough attention.

One in every three people on Earth suffers from malnutrition . The vast majority of the world’s hungry people live in developing nations, where 12.9 percent of the population is undernourished . Despite this, a third of the world’s edible crop still goes to livestock. The U.N. World Food Council has estimated that transferring ten to fifteen percent of cereals now fed to livestock is enough to raise the world’s food supply to feed current levels of the human population

However, in developing nations, expansive plots of land are used to produce feed crop for wealthy nations livestock - land, and crop that could be that could be used to feed the developing nation’s malnourished people . During the 1984 famine in Ethiopia, the nation continued to export feed crops to Europe. During severe food shortages in North Korea in 1997, they continued to export 1,000 tons of maize to Japan for poultry feed. Brazil is the world’s main agricultural exporter and clears massive areas of rainforest to grow soya beans to feed chickens — yet 16.7 million Brazilians are undernourished

In a world where monetary benefit too often triumphs over an ethical commitment to protecting human rights, the most effective way to enact change is to eliminate the economic incentives of such actions. If the demand for meat and animal products remain, people in these countries will continue to suffer from malnourishment.

Estimates predict that a 50% reduction in meat consumption in developed countries could save 33.6 million people from malnutrition . Choose to go vegan, do your part in helping end the devastation and suffering endured by developing nations because of meat production.


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