what are dietary supplements

Dietary supplements Effective, safe, pure, and potent.

Dietary supplements are a source of nutrition. They posses important nutrients and ingredients that humans require. We all have different lives, schedules, diets, activity levels, and health, but there are a few nutrients that are ubiquitously necessary. Nutrients that can be supplemented in pure and concentrated forms, for all people. A few ingredients for example: amino acids, fish oils, minerals, probiotics, and vitamins.

Dietary supplements manufactured in the United States follow, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Established and directed by the United States Food and Drug Administration. GMP ensures the identity, purity, and potency of dietary supplements. GMP standardizes the facilities, and manufacturing of dietary supplements.

According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) 2016 Consumer Survey on Dietary supplements, “seventy-one percent of U.S. adults more than 170 million-take dietary supplements.” 

Also according to this study 85% of Americans are confident in the overall quality, benefit, and safety of dietary supplements. Dietary supplements definition being, nutrients intended to have beneficial health impacts and positive qualities. Health benefits being: Aiding gaps in nutrition, energy, mental health, immune system health, aging, beauty, and overall health. 

  • This is not to be taken as medical advice, or to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness.
    Also these statements have not be approved by the FDA either.

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